{Poem} Love Now

vasisthasana 2012

vasisthasana 2012

Now is the turning.

The moment you've been feeling for


Meet it.  Meet it Now with 

all you have, all you are

all your heart


Then set it all down

and LOVE

wildly ecstatically  beautifully


Love your children, your parents

your husband, your friends

students acquaintances 

Every person on the street

LOVE them, welcome them

Nourish them

and into

your own heart

LOVE and welcome

yourself - the humanchild

who you are


LOVE her deeply and fiercely and 

with all you are

LOVE like you mean it. With 

Nothing left


This is the moment


Now we truly begin


You will see.

You will see.


Love you will become

because Love is who you have



-What my Heart tells me when I stop to listen