End of year Reflections


Now is the time to reflect.


                                                            Ask the questions.

What has happened this year?


What have I done?  Accomplished?

What is left undone yet again?


How have I succeeded?

How have I failed?

And, how am I measuring success and failure?


Beyond what I have done, who have I been?

What have I gained?

What have I lost?


Who has entered my life?

Who has left my life?


What have I learned?

What have I forgotten?

What do I want to keep?

What am I ready to release?


How have I loved?

How have I shown my love?

How have I treated those I love the most dearly?


Upon reflection:  Why was I given this year?

How do I want to begin the next one?


Inspired by the work of

John O'Donohue