Bits and pieces of what's been in my mind this week:

  • "Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy the Ride" this phrase jumped into my head for an asana intention one day and I've been teaching it as the theme this week. A good reminder for me, just coaching other people to relax again and again for 90 minutes had the delightful effect of softening my mood. The power statement reminder: You deserve to enjoy your life! (relaxing and sitting back into it even in the midst of activity, is how you get there)
  • I dreamed of a friend long dead, and another friend very much alive doing asana right beside me in a house where Todd and Ann were the teachers. The class essentially dissolved and disappeared, I even stopped practicing. But seeing that friend again felt so warm and loving, not missing him, as often I feel from our night visits but just a kind comfort.
  • Then I dreamed of the new body worker I'll be seeing and another friend and my daughter being there. Not quite sure about that one.
  • Still have been laughing at the phrase I saw in Hareesh's new book about getting yourself all worked up spiritually, having all your practices in place at the ashram. He said when you get really good -- they send you HOME. Just go into your family and see how you're really doing! (that's where the real work is, isn't it? With friends discussing: you either perpetuate the pattern or do the dredging work to change it, which do you want to do?!?)
  • It seems to me that naming a new CEO for any organization should be a big deal.. and should include a search, a pool, and a time of vetting. Maybe even looking a little bit outside the usual field would be a good idea
  • While we're on the subject, I think the UPAs should be free for the world. They heal people and every single person on the planet should have access to that power and knowledge. (we all do, but they might need the education - the system is the shorthand for the knowledge that is inherently there)
  • I know bread is sort-of out, but I got a new book on making bread in the bread machine or by hand and I am ADDICTED. It is marvelous! I'll never buy store bought bread again.
  • The Kale I got this week is also wicked good!
  • Finally my hairstyle (of going to bed with wet hair and not brushing it when I wake up) is an actual look. I got a cut and product this week to accentuate Beach Hair. This plays nicely into my alter ego who is a beachy, pretty-hippy, who lives in a little shack by the shore, teaches some yoga, surfs, drinks green smoothies all day, and listens to acoustic guitar or Bob Marley at bonfires by the beach at night. How did I end up with this urban life? Oh, and my alter ego can also beat box (right, KGJ?)
  • This week was about remembering that we stay strong in our bodies to be able to Serve those around us and to Serve the Shakti. I feel best doing that. And that staying strong is sometimes about taking deep care, not pampering, but taking care of our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits
  • Ladies Night! Shakti sister style -- a lot of sitting around talking about Source and empowerment and manifestation. We are SO going to manifest Manifestation parties!!
  • Conversations about switching from the ground of fear to the ground of safety.
  • We as a culture have got to get right with our bodies. Become body-whisperers. I have a lot more to say about that, and to think about it.
  • Follow my bliss. Where's the spark? Follow that.
  • Work Hard, Play Hard, Relax Hard -- My hubby told me just before going off for a crazy 8 days of work in LA. He'd just heard a news story about a hospice nurse who listened to people on their deathbeds. Their biggest regret: I wish I didn't work so much. Again, we each deserve to ENJOY LIFE. Even the challenges. And when there is a moment of bliss drink it, you don't know when the next one is coming.
  • Fine Chocolates. I mean really Fine. OMG. An entire box bought for myself and enjoyed by myself. Total decadence. Talk about a moment of bliss, Yum.
  • The Baking list... I love to bake but don't want to eat it all. So I'm thinking of starting a list of those who DO want to eat it and then when I bake and have some extra I'll just send it off to those people, on a whim, total surprise. Who doesn't want a care package of cookies or muffins or something yummy?

So those were some of the thoughts. That and I'M SO STRESSED OUT, I'M SO EXHAUSTED, I CAN'T KEEP IT TOGETHER.... This is when it's good to have friends who spread joy and remind me of the goodness that I am. I am the DLC and that's all that matters. (DLC = Divine Light of Consciousness)

And you are too!

Thoughts? and What are you getting into this weekend?