Media Buffet

Some days I feel like there is so much information available on the web that I can't quite digest all of it. I want to take it all in because it is like a virtual buffet of great, valuable, useful information, but my goodness there is a LOT of it. Some days I just have to unplug and not pay attention to any of it... so take or leave this post as you will.
I thought I'd let you know of some of the offerings out there that are timely.

First, John Friend is quoted in this month's Whole Living magazine in an article on yoga by Claire Dederer (author of Poser). It's nice that she's going through many different types of yoga and speaks to a few people, but John has two beautifully phrased statements on the value of Anusara yoga in the mix. One nice one is: "No matter what a practitioner's intention, under the auspices of a skilled teacher, students can have a direct experience of their very core which will transcend ideas of religion and complicated metaphysical doctrine."

Next up, I know some of my friends who read this do not subscribe to Yoga Journal. I'm sharing with you in mind that they are offering a 7-day Fall Detox program. It's free and you just go online and follow their steps. In truth, I'm very interested in the program but haven't actually gotten there to check it out or get started. I do recommend Yoga Journal for the most part and a friend from high school works for Dr. Blossom who designed the program and I trust Andrew. So I think it's worth checking out. The main idea is that fall is a time of clearing and preparing for the dark hibernation of winter so it's an especially good time to cut back on prana-sucking behaviors and up the life-enhancing ones. The program includes tools to support you including suggestions for: diet, herbs, yoga, breathing, meditation, and self-care from an Ayurvedic perspective. (just writing this makes me want to sign on!!!)

Finally, I've personally been thinking a lot about the Divine Feminine again and about becoming more knowledgeable and connected to the Goddess energy and mythology. I need to be a woman more in my life (and if you want to hear more about the Goddess on the blog let me know, you might just get her anyway). So it is very timely that in sifting through older emails this morning I came across a link to this: The Divine Feminine Yoga Telesummit. It is a collection of recordings of women speaking of the Divine Feminine in connection to yoga. (uh, perfect for me!) There are about 15 different recordings with presenters that include Shiva Rea and Sally Kempton and many others who I don't know. Again this is one that I've not yet used but am planning to check out shortly. And, it's FREE! can't argue with that!

So, a few more offerings out there on the web or on the page for you to digest as you'd like. I hope you enjoy them and let me know what speaks to you through them. Enjoy!