Sarah’s teaching style is an opportunity to learn how to take your yoga practice so much deeper than pose and movement. She beautifully teaches the mechanics of the pose but more importantly, she opens you to how to live from a space of an open heart with a deep joyful expression.
— Donna S. | MSW, MPA and yoga teacher in Ashaya Yoga® and Yin Traditions.
Over the years I have run into Sarah at trainings and workshops with some of the world’s most renown yoga teachers. I was impressed with her dedication and skillfulness but more importantly was drawn to her friendly personality. In 2015 I asked her to assist and to co-teach in my 200 hour Ashaya Yoga teacher training. My students loved her. She was bright , enthusiastic , knowledgeable and supportive. She teaches with a full heart, skillful technique, and humor. Sarah’s presence is an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with, she is a joy to be around.
— Randy B. | E RYT-500, Licensed Ashaya Yoga® Teacher Trainer, Member International Association of Yoga Therapists
“Sarah’s class had had an enormous impact on my physical and spiritual well-being. ... I find Sarah’s themes practical as well as inspiring, they helped me move the practice off the mat. Also, despite my 4 times a week practice, Sarah’s class was the only one that regularly “discovered” and opened up new muscle groups for me... Sarah’s class challenged me to do things I was certain were impossible, moreover, I continued to be pleasantly surprised each time I did it.
— Tuong N. Yoga student for 6 years
After the first class with Sarah I knew I had found my teacher. After 5 years studying with Sarah, I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my practice—I am stronger, my muscle tone is definitely better. My physical alignment within asanas is more structured and comes easier. Getting to class is not easy - I live 20-minutes away from the studio. But when I walk into Sarah’s class with so many familiar faces—I am home once again, on my mat, listening to her dharma talks—they are always just what I need to hear when I need to hear it. I leave feeling alive and at home in my body, ready to face another week with high school students. I am grateful to her for being my teacher on this journey.
— Kerri R. | High School Marketing Teacher