Kind words from

Clients & Students


Coaching Clients

“You have been instrumental in getting me where I am today and I’m forever grateful.”

“I have felt many different emotions before a session (frustrated, fearful, overwhelmed, happy, unsure what to talk about) and I ALWAYS feel amazing, happy, peaceful, empowered, enlightened after every session.  I ALWAYS learn so much!! The biggest change has been inner peace and contentment from all the tools you’ve taught me. You have ‘graduated’ me many times, but I always learn something new from you each time. You have been instrumental in getting me where I am today and I’m forever grateful.”

— A.Y.

“Her questions inspire me to think critically and respond thoughtfully.”

“Often I enter into our sessions with only a vague sense of what I need to discuss that day. Sarah has a way of getting to the heart of the issue quickly, extracting key ideas from my initial "brain dump” into a cohesive thought pattern. Sarah’s thoughtful questions and ability to give space when needed let me know we are operating on the same wavelength during our sessions. Her questions inspire me to think critically and respond thoughtfully. At the end of our session I feel a renewed sense of positivity or clarity, excited to share my new findings or begin working toward a new goal.”

— E.F.

“I see the change in myself and also in other people that interact with you.”

“I appreciate the session because it holds me accountable. It is a moment of pause that helps me to get grounded and notice the positive changes within me.  After our sessions, I feel great clarity and ease - hopeful for who I can be moving forward in my week.

I have continued to work with you because I love your approach - it is who I also want to be. This is heart-centered - moving from a place of the heart and not the head. You have a very soothing, calming quality that resonates well with me. You are honest and not pretentious and every time within our session you are able to reground me when strong emotion arises. I feel very safe being open and honest with you.”

— J.Z.


Yoga Students

“I cannot express enough what a blessing her teaching has been in my life.”

“I am so grateful for Sarah and her teaching in my life. Her classes consistently remind me that yoga is much more than a series of strengthening and stretching poses, great as that is. Sarah’s teaching reminds me that it is about connecting to the breath, to spirit, to life, to the energies of joy and peace, always available despite the distress and chaos of this world. Her teaching reminds me both that I am perfect just as I am and there is room for improvement.

The way she guides us into poses is a balance of both precision and permission, of expansion and contraction, of effort and of letting go of effort. The alignment principles of Ashaya have been so healing and therapeutic for my body, and it has been so delightful to feel my body gradually shifting and aligning into a more grounded and supported way of being over time. I cannot express enough what a blessing her teaching has been in my life.”

— B.P.

“Sarah’s instruction on alignment has been transformative to my practice”

“I have been practicing yoga with Sarah for 4 years.  Previously, I was going through the motions of yoga without true regard for alignment. Now, I feel like my practice is more mindful and I am more present during my practice.   In addition, oftentimes the theme of the class coincides with what may be going on in my life, and the message is exactly what I needed to hear that morning.

Being in the studio with Sarah and my fellow yogis I feel supported, welcomed, and accepted.  The energy is relaxed and it does not feel competitive.  Sarah is patient and adaptable in the practices.  I leave Sarah’s class consistently feeling grounded and centered.”

— D.D.

“My Alignment is much better in ways big and small.”

“Sarah is the ideal teacher for beginners through accomplished yogis-- super knowledgeable, funny, and supportive. Come as you are.”

Sarah is an expert at helping students align their bodies-- their feet, legs, hips, ribs, shoulders, arms, hands, heads. More than that, she is an expert at helping students align movement, breath, focus, and more.

Class always feels like friends getting together for a fun and challenging-- but not too challenging-- endeavor.  

Sarah must have some sort of telepathy. Regularly in her classes, she says and does just the right thing at just the right time. When the class needs to slow down and sink into a pose, she sees it before the rest of us. When we're ready to consider options to go further in our poses, she sees that, too. And she does it all with kindness and good humor.

Support is an important theme in Sarah's classes. Through our practice, we learn how our bodies support us, how each person in the class supports everyone else, how Sarah supports us and we support her, how we support and are supported by others in lives, and outwards as far as we can imagine. Heady stuff, but it's always grounded in the here and now of our practice on the mat.”

— R.C.

“You inspire me and help me keep my teaching new and fresh.”

“My practice before was just doing the poses without any real connections to how it inspired my life off the mat.   Sarah uses clear words to get students in proper alignment to feel strong and open in the physical poses.  Now I have awareness of alignment not just on my mat but as I move through my day.

Sarah has a seamless way of weaving themes through out the whole practice.  A recent theme from a yoga retreat spoke very strongly to me and has inspired me to get my organizing business up and running. 

As a yoga teacher, her fluid theming, ways of teaching certain poses and different sequencing help me keep my teaching new and fresh.

Sarah has a beautiful way of making all her students feel welcomed and accepted at whatever level you are.  Her use of props and partner poses allows students to feel supported and connected to opening and expanding more than you thought you could.  Last but not least, her way of theming yoga philosophy through out the whole practice gives you something to connect you to your heart and take away an intention to work on when you are off your mat. When I leave I feel I feel lighter, strong, empowered and grounded.  Overall ready to take on my week.”

— L.G.

“She is a skilled yoga teacher who truly loves her students and it shows!”

“I had been on a hiatus for a year after 2 years of practice when I started taking yoga with Sarah 4 years ago.  I had made very little progress in my practice.  Now,  I am on my mat at least 5-6 times a week. I enjoy the physical asana practice more than I ever thought I would. I have completed the 200 hour YTT. And the progression has been out of this world. This practice has changed almost every aspect of my daily life. I have found a strength in myself to try challenging poses because of Sarah’s skill creating sequences.  That has led me to find strength do new and challenging things in my life off the mat.

Sarah’s superpower is her Heart.  She brings a willingness to be human and she holds space for her students to be their authentic selves.   And I am always, always glad I came to class.” 

— S.M.

“I come to class because of you.”

“I go to Sarah's class on Sunday for the same reason people go to church.  It fills me spiritually. Sarah’s vulnerability and honest sharing of what it’s like to be a spiritual being living in a human body with human emotions is raw and authentic.   I when I walk out of class I feel reconnected with Self and everything around me.  I leave reminded that the Divine is alive in me.  It's alive in all of us!”

— T.B.

“Your class is strengthening me emotionally and physically.”

“I put a significant boundary around Wednesday mornings and rarely miss your class- because it is strengthening me emotionally and physically. As a result of practicing with you over the last 4 years I have noticed a big change in the awareness of my alignment and body mechanics. I tell my friends you are an alignment guru.

Knowing that my body is positioned well allows me to breathe, relax and be present- which are important goals for me. It helps remove some of the striving. My goal is for my yoga to be a moving meditation, a practice. Do I catch myself wanting to "do" a pose? Absolutely. And thankfully I have a teacher and a framework to help me decrease my need for perfection and instead be present and allow the practice to be what it is today.

Since I cannot attend all of your offered classes, I do attend other classes in the community. What I have learned over the past 4 years of practicing yoga with you creates a foundation for me. It allows me to attend and enjoy other classes- or an occasional home practice, safely, and with strength. It gives me the ability to breathe, relax and be present.”

— L.S.