Sit Spot is a practice that helps to ease the tensions of living in the modern world. Like many people, you may feel cooped up and restricted by the demands of your life. You feel divorced from your inner vitality and Life Force. You may feel forgetful of who you are and of your place in the natural world. These disconnections can lead to feelings of anxiety, sadness and loneliness.

In Sit Spot practice, you sit outside to practice a meditation with your eyes open. It is a simple practice with profound impact.

When you Sit Spot regularly, you start rebuilding connections that you thought were lost. You build relationship with the natural world around you as you remember yourself as a part of the family of Life. Daily tensions soften. And you reap the same benefits as both mindfulness meditation and of time spent in nature.

This experience is a 4-week immersion into Sit Spot. During our time on the phone together I will guide you in starting or re-starting your Sit Spot practice. You will learn how to choose your spot and simple mindfulness techniques to use while you are there. I will also teach you about gleaning wisdom from your sit that you can use in your life.

Four Week Sit Spot Immersion

What to Expect

  • 5 Consecutive Weekly 1-hour calls

    • 1 Introduction call, 3 Support calls, and 1 wrap up call

  • Email Instructions and Support between calls

  • 2 - 3 playful weekly assignments to support and inspire your practice

  • Plan to sit 10 - 20 minutes each day of the four weeks (longer if you want!)

  • Plan to spend about 10 - 30 minutes most days on additional exercises to spark your interest and keep you going.


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