You may call her

Wild Woman or Wise Woman

Your Intuition or Feminine Wisdom

She may be known as 

The Voice of your Heart

Your Inner Guidance

Your Essence


No matter the name you give her,

she carries a deep inner knowing

that comes from a place that is  

older than your bones.


Her voice can be very quiet and unobtrusive,

but you know she is there.

Coaching with me is a journey together

to go and find Her.

 I help women reacquaint themselves with the

Deep Inner Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine.


Along the way we find out where you've been blocking her voice and we reopen the thread lines of communication so that you can receive her guidance again.  


This isn't therapy.  I'm not really concerned with why you lost touch with your inner wisdom.  I don't need you to replay your history over and over again.  I'm way more interested in melting away blockages and essentially thawing you out.  Then you can get moving and flowing with your unique spirit again.


Oh, and those big dreams and crazy goals you have for yourself? We'll take those on too.  This time will be different though.  This time your guidance for getting things done towards your dreams won't be coming from the outside - it will be coming from your deepest self.  The woman you know you are in your Heart.


I was born an old soul.  I have a taproot into communion with the Sacred - but even I lose touch sometimes.  Because I can lose my connection, I've found practices of yoga, dance, meditation, wisdom readings, Nature's medicine, journaling and the support of loving coaches to help me stay clear and rooted.  


So, when you work with me you don't get a life coach to "get you from point A to point B in six weeks or your money back!" 


You get a wise woman, an old soul, a gentle listener.  With me you get a woman who is willing to slow down and listen with an open heart.  I am ready to take the time to dig deep with you so that you can make lasting changes in your life.


I come with a medicine kit that draws on everything I've learned and used to keep my  connections with my own inner wisdom strong.  These things draw on ancient yogic philosophy, Nature's medicine, Buddhist meditation and modern day psychology, coaching practice, and sociology.

At this point in your life, you are ready to step away from surface level existence and away from worries about things that don't actually matter or make much sense to you any more.

I know that you are ready for a relationship with yourself and your life that feels nourishing, full, beautiful and authentic.  You are ready for a relationship that is guided by your inner Wild Woman, your Intuition.

This is the time.  We are the women who are ready to change the way we live. In so doing, we are the women who will change the world. 


 Are You feeling your bones calling you to reconnect to what you knew once long ago? now is the time.  Let's talk.