Public Class Descriptions

The Apiary

3007A West Clay Street, RVA 23230


Wednesdays 5:45 - 6:45

This class is for the brand new beginner, those new to Ashaya Yoga® and those who want to slow down the practice.  Emphasis is on Ashaya Yoga® essentials.  Class includes standing poses, backbends, hip openers, forward folds, twists and preparatory postures for inversions and hand balances.  A great starting place.  Practice is open to all students with no acute injuries



Wednesdays 10:15 -11:30

An ongoing exploration of Ashaya Yoga®.  Move beyond beginner level and start to explore all categories of asana: Standing poses, backbends, hip openers, arm balances, forward folds, twists, inversions and maybe even a restorative pose or two.  Mixed level classes include beginner and more intermediate options for postures so that students can progress at a pace that is appropriate to their level of experience.  Practice is open to students with at least 3 months of yoga experience and who have no acute injuries.  



Sundays 10:00 - 11:30

Also an ongoing exploration of Ashaya Yoga®.  This class includes all categories of asana and moves at a faster pace than the Mixed level classes.  Good working knowledge of Ashaya Yoga® is expected in this class so that you can stretch your practice and strive for building strength, focus, and stamina while attempting more advanced variations of postures.  Practice is open to students with at least 1 year of regular yoga practice who have no acute injuries.  It is recommended that you have practiced with Sarah Fischer, Sarah Maxfield, Niki Schemmel, Layton Grier, or another Ashaya Yoga® teacher prior to enrolling in this class.  If you are not sure if this class is a good fit for you, please contact me and let's chat.