Yeah, I hate that

I Hate that. I totally hate it. I really strongly dislike it when the blogs I like to read take an unexplained and uncalled for break. I really hate it. Like, don't the writers know that I'm personally relying on them to give me some beautiful piece of insight I hadn't realized before. Don't they know I need them? (well, actually, no they don't know because I'm a notoriously invisible reader and rarely if ever leave comments)

And that's my way of starting off to say... Sorry I left you hanging there last week. Life is chewing me up and spitting me back out all sorts of mangled and mauled. I don't particularly like using the blog as a platform for complaints so i'll just say... Life is Life and Transition is Transition. I'm glad for it all.
Again and again I'm just glad I practice a yoga that reminds me to wake-up in every instant. That what is being shown to me and what I am learning is simply here to teach me to engage with it MORE. (More? really? Yes, MORE). To engage. To live the life that I'm creating and is coming my way.
Challenges come, it is the way we respond to them that changes everything. I am glad for this framework.
So, somehow I'm going to discover a more ergonomic way to use my computer because everything I've tried so far hasn't helped my neck chill out. In the meantime, I'm missing you guys and thinking of you. And hoping to drop in again very soon.
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