Ashaya YOGA® |The Ancient Path

Ashaya Yoga® Description

Ashaya (AH-shy-ah) is a Sanskrit word that means, “abode of the heart.” The word also refers to the heart as a place of refuge, a sanctuary of the deepest aspects of the Self. Like a safe haven within, it is a protective harbor where we anchor the most treasured parts of the Self.

Ashaya Yoga® blends therapeutic alignment techniques and positive heart virtues with the empowering teachings of Tantra philosophy. This transformational yoga of body, mind, and heart not only supports the deepening of your yoga practice, but serves as a tangible means of developing the capacity to meet life’s challenges off the mat with poise and equanimity.

The mission of Ashaya Yoga® is to serve the evolution of consciousness on the planet and increase self-awareness, wholeness, healing, and freedom. Ashaya Yoga® places great importance on high standards of excellence, integrity, and authenticity while maintaining a nurturing, lifelong practice filled with discovery.



When you come to class with me expect

  • some alignment cues (ok, kind of a lot of those, I tend to talk quite a bit)
  • a slowly flowing quality where the poses transition one to the next
  • a sweet dose of philosophy and inspiration

I offer students a well-rounded practice throughout each session.  We play with all classes of asana: Backbends, Inversions Hand balances, Standing poses, Hip Openers, Twists, Forward Bends and even a few Restoratives.