Sarah Fischer

Licensed Ashaya Yoga® Teacher, E-RYT 500, Life-Coach

I am a playful lover of Life and a heart-felt singer of the song of the Universe. I am here to help build a more open-hearted and loving world. I help people who have lost their way learn how to turn inside, trust their hearts, and live more open-hearted in the world.  Along the way, I help them connect with others who are doing the same. 

Deep down I know... 

 Love is Real

    and is stronger than hate and fear

There may be bumps, and serious roadblocks along the way, 

but I am hopeful and I even trust

that Humanity is moving more towards Love than Ego

I am here as a part of that Movement

I help people 

play and dream again

I help people clear and heal their bodies

I help people remember who they are

I help people get in touch with what really matters and live from there

  • sometimes that looks like in a move across the country to follow a dream
  • sometimes it looks like learning to hear and trust the powerful voice of the Heart
  • sometimes it just looks like sitting down and having a cup of tea when the kids come home from school.
  • sometimes that looks like a deep physical yoga practice and a dose of inspiration for the week.

My Greatest joy is supporting others to:

Turn inside

Trust what they find (their heart’s wisdom)

Live it in the world 

Connect with others who are doing the same thing

This powerful work is a form of Inner Alchemy for Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit.   It profoundly changes the way you feel in your life.  We may meet on any one of the paths I frequent - yoga, coaching, or nature. 

We’re building a more open-hearted and loving world - one heart at a time.

My Story:

I have a big open heart.  And I am extremely sensitive to others’ energy.  

But it’s hard to go out in the world so wide open.  

So when I was a child I got trampled when others weren’t as open or sensitive to me as I wished they could have been.  I learned early on to quiet down and to hide my heart - to keep it safe.  I didn’t close it down completely, just hid it away to keep it from being broken and abused.  I learned to keep my love for people and the world to myself. 

On the one hand this was ideal for me, I’m a proud introvert and my holding back allowed me a lot of space to develop my relationship with myself.  It gave me a deep knowing of my inner world (the good and the bad) and an ability to be introspective and creative.  It taught me how my inner guidance speaks and how to listen to it.

But on the other hand, I learned to hold back my joy, delight, and play.  I held back my love for the world and her people.  I kept my creativity to myself.  I knew I had more to offer.  And, I kept trying to be who everyone else wanted me to be.   That just didn’t work, I was miserable.  Finally, I realized...


I was living from fear.


My return to my Heart started with Ashaya Yoga®.  In yoga I learned to reconnect with my body in a kind and loving way.  It rebuilt my connection to my heart and taught me about my inherent worthiness, no matter my perceived “imperfections.”  Most importantly, following the guidance of my teacher, Todd Norian, I developed a real and evolving relationship with the Spirit that moves in all things - called Shakti in the Tantric Tradition.

After many years of yoga I worked through two coach trainings which further helped me shed the coverings around my true self.  Training with the Martha Beck Institute helped me learn to see through the negative thoughts and beliefs that were keeping me stuck in the old habit of hiding.  Training with Sagefire Institute brought me into a powerful and continuing relationship with nature and taught me what it means to be a contributing part of a healthy human culture. 

Perhaps most importantly, in both Ashaya Yoga® and Sagefire Institute I am welcomed as a part of a community of people who are Awakening.  People who see me, see my gifts, welcome my big playful heart and lean on me when they need help turning inside.  


I'm finally learning to live from my Heart in an authentic way.

And I’m fired up to help others do the same.  


Are you a part of this movement too?

Are you feeling stuck in body mind heart or spirit?

Are you living from Fear or are you living from your Heart?

What if you lived your life from the most loving place inside of yourself?  

What if you lived from your Heart rather than from fear?


Are YOU Ready?


Ashaya Yoga®



Let's Connect

I love to share my struggles and triumphs of living a life of heart rather than fear

I share steps on my own journey along with suggestions and ideas for yours. 

Read along on my Blog and Facebook page


Instagram - imagery and tidbits.  Mostly pictures of yoga and nature.  Sometimes reflections sometimes suggestions and sometimes dinosaurs.....  : )


I love to connect with real people who are living real lives and doing real work to make the world a more open-hearted place.

Training and professional licenses

ERYT 500 Status with Yoga Alliance | 2017 - present

Licensed Ashaya Yoga® Teacher | 2015 - present

Assistant: Ashaya Yoga® 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Todd Norian | 2016

Sagefire Institute Nature Based Coach Training | 2016

Martha Beck Life-Coach Training | 2015

Assistant: Ashaya Yoga® 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Randy Boyd | 2015

Apprentice: Ashaya Yoga® 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Todd Norian | 2014 -2015

Faculty: Abundant Heart Yoga 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Lila Brown | 2013 - 2014

(Baby #2 | 2013)

Licensed Anusara-Inspired Yoga Teacher | 2010 - 2012

500+ Training hours in Anusara Yoga | 2007 - 2012

200-hr Yoga Teacher Training with Todd Norian and Ann Greene | 2010

(Baby #1 | 2008)

Prenatal Teacher Training via YogaWorks at Yoga Source | 2008

200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Source | 2007

MA in Dance/Movement Therapy Drexel University | 2003

BS in Psychology Mary Washington College | 2000