LIFE COACHING & Nature Programs

In life coaching

I help you re-establish a connection with yourself at the level of Mind Heart and Spirit

  • You learn to trust the natural rhythms of the Earth and the Seasons and you become more Naturally Aligned 
  • You clean up sticking points - negative beliefs that are holding you back
  • You empower yourself to take actions
  •  I support you as you learn and grow

I’m here to be a bit of a guide but mostly as someone to be on your team. I believe that really we’re all on the same team, but isn’t it nice to know someone is rooting for you?

In Nature ProgramS

  • You learn to sit quietly and be a part of the world again - not just a tourist
  • You learn empowering life skills (like firestarting) to rebuild your trust for yourself
  • You learn how to observe yourself with kindness so that you can learn and grow
  • You get in touch with the spirit who moves in all things
  • You remember yourself as a part of something much larger
  • We may use firemaking, ceremony creation, sit spot, storytelling and other nature based tools to create lasting impact in your life